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genres:  Danzón, Son, Mambo, Chachachá
video type: 
73 minutes
Havana, Cuba
Boogalu Productions

Danza Charanguero is a spirited celebration of Cuba's popular music and dance heritage focusing on the danzón, son, mambo, chachachá, and salsa-casino. It is these evocative music and dance genres that, in different eras, have erupted onto the world scene, making Cuba one of the few countries whose music and dance has become adopted and practiced internationally.

Filmed in a beautiful outdoor patio in Old Havana, this relaxed party-performance features a gathering of seasoned "charangueros" (music and dance enthusiasts) drawn from the professional and aficionado dance world of Havana. Inspiring the party is the legendary twelve member orchestra "Estrellas Cubanas", with their classic charanga sound of violin, flute, piano, bass, and percussion.

Accompanying the DVD are extensive interviews with several of the participants who talk about their artistic lives and go into depth about the evolution and rich history of their music and dance tradition .

DVD Chapters
genre - song - composer
• contradanza - La Comparsa - Ernesto Lecuona
• danzón - Virgin de Regla - Pablo O'Farrill
• son - Tocoloro - Arsenio Rodriguez
• chachachá - Goza Conmigo - Tregar Otton
son - El Paralitico - Miguel Matamoros
• bolero - Si Te Contara - Félix Reina
• mambo - Mambo America - Antonio Sanchéz
• danzón - Fefita - José Urfé
• salsa-casino - La Escoba Barrendera - Rodulfo Vaillant
• danzón - son - conga - Popurrí Cubano - various

Featured Dancers
male dancers:
Domingo Pau Despaine
Ricardo "Santa Cruz" Gómez
Dionisio Paul
Juan Garcia Fernández
Isaías Rojas Ramirez
Carlos Pérez Estrada
Aurelio Calderin

female dancers:

Zoila Rizo Sánchez
Miriam Izquierdo
Alicia Santo Soto
Yacelis Sánchez
Llousi Mabel Gutierrez
Dolores Perez Herrera

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