Untitled Document Cuban Salsa Instruction with Lázaro Noriega

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CASINO CUBANO - sample clip

genre:  Cuban Salsa-Casino
video type: 
Instruction & Demonstration
45 Minutes
Havana, Cuba
Boogalu Productions

Casino Cubano was produced to give Latin dancers around the World insight into how Cubans dance "salsa" or what is known in Cuba as "casino". Through instruction, demonstration, and performance, Casino Cubano is your introductory guide into this exciting popular dance style - a style that draws heavily from Cuba's rich cultural traditions.

The DVD features Lázaro Noriega, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and dance company director of. Presented here is Lazaro's system of teaching casino that he has developed over the past several years in dance classes he teaches in Europe and Cuba.

Special Features
• learn the basic casino steps, basic casino, transitions, and turns
• instruction on casino styling
• instruction about leading and form
• exercises on to how to move your body
• performance of Cuban dance styles that have influenced casino

Part 1 ~ Casino Dance Instruction
(19 segments)
Lazaro explains and demonstrates the basic steps, turns, and style of casino dancing accompanied by two members of his dance company, Iván and Dayami. Segment titles include: three basic steps - position - "el bote" - primary casino step with partner - steps for doing turns - simple turns - more complex turns - dancing casino advice

Part 2 ~ Cuban Dance Movement
These exercises, led by Dayami, are helpful in learning how to move and groove in the Cuban style.

Part 3 ~ Living Cuban Dance Traditions

The video concludes with a powerful performance of three traditional forms of Cuban dance that have significantly influenced contemporary casino dancing: orisha dance, rumba, and son. Iván and Dayami end the video with an exciting casino solo.

Casino Cubano is in Spanish with printed notes in English explaining in detail all the dance instructions and content on the video.

Untitled Document


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Pasos Provocativos - repertory of dance movement

Baile Wemilere - Orishas dance instruction
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