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CASINANDO - sample clip

genre:  Salsa-Casino
video type: 
Demonstration & Instruction
78 Minutes
Havana, Cuba
Boogalu Productions

Casinando celebrates salsa cubana, better known in Cuba as “casino”. Featured on this video are a select group of some of the hottest dancers from Havana, Cuba, displaying their personal style of dancing often influenced by other popular Cuban dance genres such as son, cabaret, rumba, and mambo.

Part 1 - Group "Rueda" Dance

The couples form a “rueda de casino” circle formation then split off and dance separately. Live music by "Chaguito Y Sus Timberos".

Part 2 - Individual Couples Styling

Nine professional dance couples demonstrate their personal dance styles drawing from their own creativity as well as from traditional and modern influences. The dance demonstrations are done at medium and fast tempos.

Part 3 - Featured Dance Couple

Two professional Cuban dancer-choreographers, now living live in Europe, Luis "Nichito" Castillo (Paris) and Yanet Fuentes Torres (London), demonstrate their unique salsa-casino style at fast and slow tempos along with their interpretation of salsa-rumba.

Part 4 - Salsa-Casino Dance Instruction

In this section Lázaro Pedroso and Tamara Toledo teach their "No Tricks Natural Method", a simple and fun approach to dancing Cuban salsa that focuses on dancing to the music using natural patterns and movements that can be strung together to create exciting dance combinations.

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