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Boogalu Productions began producing multimedia in Cuba in 1999, and through the years has become the premier source for authentic Cuban music and dance educational videos. In 2013 we established a permanent home-base in Havana and expanded our work to include media production for clients and other producers. To offer these services we work in partnership with Cuban producers who are licensed to do media production on the Island.

Film-Video-Audio Production
• music videos
• documentary film
• product commercials
• custom projects

Photography Production
• fashion photography
• commercial photography

Production Support
• location scouting
• food catering
• equipment sourcing (cameras, lighting, AVgear)
• vehicles and transportation
• hotel or private home accommodations
• work visas and permissions
• casting and special talent

Media Production Consultation / Contacts
Doing media production in Cuba comes with its own set of challenges and parameters. With over 16 years experience and a substantial database of the top multi-media players in Havana, we offer clients valuable advise and contact information not readily available.

• client submits a project outline and description with all technical, talent, and logißßßstical requierments
• a project proposal with budget is developed by Boogalu Productions
• the project proposal is refined and an agreement in writing is reached
• Boogalu's Cuban producer arranges for work visas and any location permissions
• hotel or private home accommodations
• work visas and permissions
• casting and special talent


Cuba possibly has more artists, musicians, and dancers per capita then any other country in the world. And the talent is world class. Most professionals in the arts have studied at one of the many state academies in Cuba where the standards are extremely high. Havana especially is talent rich in musicians, dancers, models, fashion and set designers, and technicians that can mount most productions put before them.


The city of Havana and its outlying barrios have a unique history and its environment reflects that. There are areas in Havana that go from colonial to modern, art deco to grunge.


Virtually all the modern film, photo, and audio equipment available in the USA is available in Havana, from high end Red cameras, the latest professional HD cameras, dollies, booms, sound equipment, sound stages, film quality lighting, editing studios.... It's all available for rent from private agencies or professionals working in the Cuban video and film industry.

The value of doing your media project in Cuba is you will get a very high quality product for a fraction of the cost. Production costs are generally one half to one third less in Cuba.

Work and have fun too. Cuban's enjoy life in whatever they're doing. Generally the work environment on film-video-photo sets is relaxed and congenial. Outside of work, clients will be hosted in hotels or comfortable private homes in a neighborhood close to fine restaurants and night clubs. After or during the project, groups can spend some days at the beach or exploring Havana. We can help you plan your down time providing info on the wide variety of options in this 24 hr. town.

Film & Music Video - Video Gallery

Examples by Cuban producers-directors we are associated with.